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Success – What does it mean to you?

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Success means different things to each of us.

Success to you might be playing in a rock band, becoming an artist, running a sub 3 hour marathon, or achieving financial success. Success is unique to each individual. You may be happily employed or you may have an entrepreneurial desire to go out on your own.

A business owner may have many different measures of success but the most important one is to be profitable, not just profitable but profitable enough to ensure the continuation of his business. Yet profit seems to be the last thing on his list, how do we know this?, because we have discovered over the years that a very high percentage of business owners do not measure financial performance on a monthly basis, they wait until 18 months after the start of the financial year before they have draft financials. They manage their business by how much cash they have in the bank, low cash=stress, high cash=less stress. Managing a business in this fashion is like driving a car using only the rear vision mirror.

But what does success mean to you? people in our network tell me that financial security is the top of their list because of the commitments they have to their Family and future retirement.

As consultants we are no different than our Clients really, we to want to have a successful business in our chosen profession.

Consider this though, you will not be successful without putting in the effort and focussing on the important aspects of your business, I have never come across a successful businessman or consultant who did not have a laser focus on a goal fuelled by passion and desire.

Restating what was said above, we are no different that our Client business owners as we benefit financially from the improvement in their business, a win/win outcome.

I think all of us want to be financially successful, it not so much the money, but what good we can do with it.

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