26. The Proposal – Presenting The Consulting Proposal Agreement To A Prospect

Presenting The Consulting Proposal Agreement To Your Client - Everything Business Consulting Podcast by ConsultX

Episode 26: Show Notes:

The process of turning a Prospect (the Business Owner) into a Client requires a precise system. 

You need to enable your prospect to fully understand the reality of their business situation and to appreciate the benefits that will come from working with you as their Business Success Partner.

ConsultX Business Success Partners use a three-meeting close.  The ConsultX Application assists in guiding you and the Prospect through these meetings.  Through the use of ConsultX when you return for the third meeting you will be warmly received and the atmosphere will be conductive to the Prospect becoming a Client.

With ConsultX we use and recommend a three-meeting process to get the best results during Client Acquisition.

The first meeting in our ConsultX process is the Discovery Meeting where you ask a series of special questions designed to find out all you can about the Prospects business and how it is affecting their personal life.

It is in this meeting using the ConsultX Discovery Meeting Questions you will be able to establish challenges occurring in the business.  These are challenges that must be solved before drastic consequences occur and lead to business failure or bankruptcy.

At the end of the Discovery meeting you collect some basic financial information required to populate the ConsultX Diagnostic Tool.  This is used to calculate the profit leakage from the business.

Inside the ConsultX Diagnostic Tool is the Business Value Indicator and the Solvency Tool, these are used to calculate the solvency of the business.  Both of these ConsultX tools produce compelling evidence that you should be working together.

People in our network call the gap between meeting two and three the $100,000 gap.  In this gap, you have the time to go back to your office armed with all the information you have collected and prepare in ConsultX a fully researched and informed customized proposal for the prospect.

The Consultant Proposal Document is automatically personalized and prepared using the ConsultX Application (it can be altered if you want to change something).

The Consultant Proposal Document is 50% a proposal and 50% an agreement, it has been done this way to allow you to sign the client in this meeting.  We have found over the years that this process works the best.

By the time you return for the third meeting you will be warmly received and the atmosphere will be conducive to the Prospect agreeing to work with you.

What we are trying to do is to create a series of meetings where they “come to you”.  In   other words you do not have to hard sell to convince them because the ConsultX process is so good.

Most of that work has already been done and drawn out of the prospect by the ConsultX Acquisition Process. We want them to be bursting inside to work with you.

If the process is followed 100% you should be able to sign up a very high percentage of the proposals you present.  Some in are our network are close to 100%.

The ConsultX Application really guides both you and the prospect through the Acquisition Process of the three meetings.  During the ConsultX Training we really get into detail so that you can nail the three-meeting process and sign the clients you want.

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