40. New Year – New Life? Thinking About Becoming A Business Consultant?

ConsultX Podcast Ep40

Show Notes:  Are You  Thinking About Starting A New Career As A Business Consultant, Coach or Advisor?

Welcome to 2018 and I hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year time off.

I want to talk about the first 3 months of every year where our sign up of new Clients increases rapidly.

This is due to the new years resolution effect that most business owners have “I hope this coming year is better than last year”.  Over the Christmas break they are thinking about what went on last year and as a general rule they are never happy.

So this means that they are very receptive to an approach from a Business Consultant and will give you an hour of their time to have a chat (Discovery meeting), once you have had this meeting you are on the way to signing them up.

Quite obviously if they want an improvement this year they have to change things, “if you always do what you have done, you will always get what you have always got".  

Most Business Owners however do not know what or how to to change, as a  business can be a complicated beast with so many moving parts.

That is where we come in taking them through a proven sequence of analysing the business to discover what's causing the challenges they are experiencing.

The new years effect lasts for probably 3 months and then sign ups return to normal, I am not saying that sign ups collapse after the 3 months, just that it is a little bit easier.

So if you are already in our network or you are thinking of starting then you need to sign up for the 2018 kick start program, more on this at the end of this podcast.

Review of 2017 & Planning For 2018.

I encourage everybody to have a deep review of 2017 and decide what areas you are not happy with and what needs to be done to achieve better results.

Many years ago I took an SMI course and learnt from the best how to set and achieve goals, in fact some of their philosophies are embedded in the ConsultX program.

I learned that if you break down a complicated goal into small bite size chunks with a completion date you have a better chance of reaching the goal as opposed to trying to do the whole thing at once which causes complexity and confusion.

Remember the saying “how do you eat an Elephant? one teaspoon at a time” well thats how we approach business consulting and our personal lives.

You can even use ConsultX on yourself by using the Wheel analysis part of the software for your business and personal life.

I encourage you to have an honest look at 2017 and then plan 2018 to be a better year, you can do this for you and your Clients.

Consulting Trap To Watch Out For.

In 2005 I went to Spain to learn to be a Business Consultant and the first thing the trainer said was "be careful, because Clients will try to steal you and make you an Employee, the very thing you are trying to escape”.

I see this happening occasionally where Consultants give up on Consulting for the safety of a job.

Personally, I do not understand this as they left employment to escape the drudgery of commuting, working for a Boss, low earnings, and a crap lifestyle, which I will talk about later.

Why be an entry in some businesses profit and loss report when you can be the master of your own destiny, work the hours you want and have no ceiling on your earnings?

Who Makes The Ideal Business Consultant?

Over the years we have met and spoken to hundreds of people who wanted to become Business Consultants, these are the main reasons, some of these may resonate with you:

  • I want to own my own business and be my own Boss.
  • I want to have a business with a low investment required.
  • I want to own a business with growth potential.
  • I want the freedom to plan my own work time as I have 2 Children and do not want to miss them growing up.
  • I want to decide on what I earn, and earn more than I could being employed.
  • I want to talk more holidays than I could in employment because life is too short.
  • I am sick of the daily commute, it takes me 3 hours per day which is 756 hours every year, with no traffic jams included.
  • I am sick of working in a cubicle and feel like I am in a cage.
  • I have just sold my business and have a lot of experience I can give to other Business Owners.
  • I want to give back to the community and I like helping others.
  • I have some business qualifications that I want to put into use and get paid for.
  • Plus many more…..

Typical Consultant Lifestyle.

I like talking about his topic because its what we are all about, having a great and profitable lifestyle. Let me tell you of a few of our Consultants as an illustration:

  • James has a lake house 2 hours from Auckland and has arranged his Clients so that he only meets them Tuesday to Thursday, this means he can leave Auckland on Thursday night and return home at his leisure on Monday night, avoiding all the traffic and having a 4 day weekend every week. When it comes time to have an annual planning session with his Clients he takes them to his lake house and they work on the business plan in the morning and go fishing in the afternoon on his boat.
  • William has 3 Children and likes to drop them at school and pick them up as his Wife works. This means although he works 5 days a week he works between 9am and 3pm so he can look after the Children.
  • Bill lives north of Auckland and has a boat and he likes to go on extended sailing adventures around New Zealand. He has set up an office on his boat with internet connectivity so he is never away from contacting his Clients.

Just a few examples of what is possible once you have broken the shackles of being employed.

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