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How big is the business consulting market?

How big is the Business Consulting Market

Thinking about the size of the Consulting Market?

Do you wonder about the size of the market that as Business Consultants we operate in?

Consider this...

• People go into business (sometimes based on an emotional whim) to do better for their Family.
• The Government gives them a license for a few hundred dollars, there is no test or training required.
• Over 10 years around 80%+ of these businesses close or go broke, the impact on Families and Stakeholders is quite often tragic.
• A large percentage of these businesses can be saved if they had someone to help them with the skills that they do not possess.

The latest information I can find sourced from Dunn and Bradstreet 2013 is that there is 235m businesses in the 200 countries they do business in, we can reduce that by half on average to 117.5m as around half do not have Employees.

Of these businesses around 30% make a genuine profit, which means that around 70% are losing money and destroying their Families equity.

And, as you know most businesses who close or go broke do so because they are unprofitable, and when the cash runs out it all over, they either close the business down or someone forces it into bankruptcy.

As business consultants, we are swimming in a huge churning marketplace of businesses who desperately need our help, every direction you turn in your country you will find these potential Clients everywhere. All you have to do is to follow a proven system, put in the passion and enthusiasm and you can build a lucrative business helping business owners.

The consulting market is huge and is not getting any smaller, think about getting out of the rat race and becoming your own boss helping the owners of your local business community.

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