Bonus Episode. Personal Coaching with David

Bonus Episode Personal Coaching with David Thexton

Show Notes: 1-1 Personal Coaching with David Thexton

Do you want accelerated growth in your Consulting Business?
Do you want to be earning income fast as you change professions?
Are you serious about launching your Consulting Business Fast?

David is available to coach a small number of consultants on a One to One basis over a 3 month period.  Spaces are limited and will fill fast, so get in quick and book your seat.

"My personal goal for these Personal  Coaching Sessions is to have you signing up to 6 Clients in your first 3 months.  Generating an ongoing long term monthly income of 15k+"
David Thexton - ConsultX Founder

David will personally work with you on the following areas,
ensuring a fast start into your Consulting Business...
- Building a prospecting plan, lead list and setting up for success.
(if you fail to plan you plan to fail)
- Passing on his experience and knowledge to you in a one on one
- Keeping you focused and on the right track.
- Guide you through the Discovery meeting process.
 (the most important meeting as you uncover the Prospects challenges)
- Show you how to get the most from the Diagnostic meeting.
(this is where you prove your worth to the Prospect)
- Teach you how to develop the best fee structure for your Prospects.
 (one clients cannot turn down)
- Teach you how to run the presentation/agreement meeting to achieve a
 high level of sign ups.
 (to create a win/win scenario)
- Take you through the process of business re-engineering and building
 a business plan.
- Show you how to run the Implementation meeting and make the 
business plan come to life.
- Guide you on how to build your Client relationship so you become an
essential part of the Owners business.
- Show you how to prove value to your Clients by providing valuable
 feedback and reports.
 (to ensure Client retention)
- Teach you how to use our ConsultX Coaching system to help the Client
 improve their personal and business life.
 (every Business owner went into business for personal reasons)

...and much more.

If you have a question do not hesitate to email us at.

Thanks for listening...

David & Mandy


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