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10 Success Habits of a Successful Business Consultant

What does it take to be a Successful Business Consultant?

The answer might surprise you? We have been asked many times over the years - What are the success habits of a successful business consultant?

We have worked with, observed, mentored, coached and trained many consultants.  We've also had first hand experience managing our own clients.

This list has been built from over a decade of concentrating on the business consulting profession, we've seen some fantastic success stories.  We have also seen failures, some by people who on paper should have been a tremendous success.

We believe that these 10 Success Habits are more important than long qualifications and/or sales ability.  

1. Vision

Have a highly motivational detailed vision statement ofwhatyou want to achieve, and by when. A vision so powerful that when you close your e yes you can actually see it!

2. Attitude

Have a permanent positive attitude. You need to represent positivity and optimism at all times. Clients will expect it from you, and their Team will take their cue from you.

3. Motivation

Person motivation is the innerforce that gives you the ability to strive for seemingly impossible goals. Nobody can do it for you - it has to come from within you.

4. Determination

Nothing was ever accomplished by giving up. When you want to succeed as much as you want to breath then you will be successful - Dr Eric Thomas.

5. Passion and Enthusiasm

Have enthusiasm and passion for what you do - When you have passion and enthusiasm in your life it is infectious - it gets prospects and clients excited and makes them want to be involved with you.

6. Commitment

Anything that is worthwhile, important or amazing took a huge effort in the early stages to get underway. The average person works at 50% or less of their potential - Your challenge is to unleash that extra 50%...

7. Focus

Focus - Focus - Focus. You need to be 100% focussed on achieving your Vision! No distractions, they will rob you of success. Follow. One. Course. Until. Successful

8. Self-Improvement

Have a personal questfor self-improvement and learning. Education in all areas o fyour life should never stop!

9. Communication

You need to have excellent communication skills. You need to always be communicating positively and be able to listen to what people around you are saying. Opportunity is often lost because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in.

10. Trusting Relationships

Have the ability to form lasting trusting relationships with clients and affiliates. Trusting relationships are the key to long term profitable consulting careers.


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David & Mandy


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