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Do You Have Any Questions?

Consultx questions

Q: Who is ConsultX for?

ConsultX is for people who are or want to provide Business Consulting services and work with Business Owners to improve their profit, growth and business value over the long term.

You can be from any background and have some basic business knowledge, all the rest you can be taught using the ConsultX training programme.

People in our network today come from every background you could imagine, no one comes to us being a fully trained Business Consultant, thats our job.

Q: What does ConsultX do?

ConsultX is a cloud based application that provides you with all the tools required to consult over the long term with Business Owners or Managers.

The ConsultX programme gives you a process to work through with your Clients designed to re-engineer their business over an 8-10 week period with the outcome being a Business Plan for the next 5 years.

After the plan is completed your role is to become more of a Strategic Manager within the business (Business Success Partner) and to hold 2 meetings during each month.  An Implementation meeting where stuff gets done and tasks delegated, and a  Management meeting which is all about financial reports and KPI for the previous month.

ConsultX also contains tools to enable you to build a strong relationship between you and your Clients and retain them for the long term.

There is a full training programme that will take you around a week to complete (24 hour video course).  Then we suggest you follow our 13 week "Marathon Plan" that you listen to every week for 13 weeks to assist you to put your effort into the right areas (we suggest a Monday Morning).

The training is very comprehensive and contains everything we have learned since commencing this business in 2005.

 Q: How does it work technically?

ConsultX is based on the cloud and you access it with your computer, you will require an internet connection, and a printer.

Q: How do I pay for the service?

ConsultX is a cloud based application that you subscribe to on a monthly basis, you pay with your credit card.

Q: What if I want to stop the service?

You can cancel at any time.

Q: How do I learn to use it?

ConsultX provides a comprehensive video training course that you can do all at once or spread it over a few weeks if you are wanting to transition from employment to self employment. The course is around 24 hours long with videos and manuals.

Q: Is to hard to learn?

 No, but you would require some basic business knowledge. Remember “a wise person does not know everything, but they know where to look”. 

Q: Do I need to be a trained accountant to use it?

No, the most important skills required are an ability to communicate well with people, to form lasting relationships, and to have self motivation to give you a never give up attitude. Everything else you can learn.

Q: What do I require to be a Business Consultant?

A computer with Microsoft Office, an internet connection, a mobile phone and a Car (if you live in a big city you may not require a car).

Q: How long before I am earning enough income to replace my income today?

This depends on the determination and activity levels you are prepared to put into your new business, please remember you are changing careers so you will have to work hard for the first 3-5 months. Some people in our network take only a month to replace their income whilst others take a bit longer. What I can promise is that if you follow our system closely you will have a very good chance of replacing your income very quickly.

Q: Can I become a part time Business Consultant?

Yes, its your decision how much you want to work. Today in our network we have people who are happy to work 2-3 days a week. However if you want to earn more money and build a consulting firm obviously you will need to approach this opportunity with 100% focus.

Q: Will ConsultX work for Accountants or in an Accounting firm?

Yes, today many Accountants and accounting firms are finding that work is drying up as their Clients are utilising the new cloud based accounting systems and doing their own reporting. Even the bread and butter of accounting which is compliance work is reducing at an alarming rate, so say the accounting press. We have known for a long time that Accountants and firms should be working into the future with their Clients, this will deliver considerable new revenue to this industry, and really help their Clients. We strongly encourage the accountancy profession to offer consulting services to their Clients as soon as possible. ConsultX is perfect for this as we already have the system that we have perfected over the years ready for Accountants to use.

Q: Do I need to become self employed?

Probably, as in most countries the income level that is tax free is very low. Please get local advice on this question.

Q: Are Clients easy to find and sign up?

The market place is full of businesses where the Owner needs help right now. Most business Owners do not know how to run a business and their Government gave them a licence to operate with no training or exams. So this is the reason that over 10 years around 80% of businesses go broke or close down. The ConsultX programme has been fine tuned over 11 years to provide to you the best Client Acquisition system you will ever need to build a solid Client base. If you focus 100% on the Client Acquisition process you will sign Clients easily.

Q: How long does a Client relationship last?

This is totally up to you and how you manage the relationship. In our network today we have Consultants who have had Clients for 5 years and longer. The important thing on Client longevity is that you need to be delivering more than what they are paying you, we aim for a 10:1 return on investment for our Clients.

Q: What type of businesses should I be focusing on?

We consult to every kind of business you could imagine, however our average Client annual revenue across the network is around $3-4m, our largest Client is $90m and our smallest is 500k. The good thing is that most are growing and so are the fees.

Q: Tell me about the demand for our services.

This is never-ending and businesses are starting up and going broke faster than babies are being born.

Q: Can I start a consulting firm?

Yes, once you have grasped all the important aspects of being a Business Consultant and feel you are ready to recruit and lead a Team, the system has been developed and is ready for you to get started. ConsultX provides all the training you require.

Q: How does a consulting firm work?

You recruit “Associates” who work with you in your firm, you become their mentor and help them to do the training and also help them to sign up Clients, usually you help them to get 4 Clients before they become self sufficient to sign their own.

Q: How big can the consulting firm be?

No limit on this, but you should consider building in modules of 8 Associates to enable enough time to be spent with each of them in their learning phase. if you want more firms we suggest you do a joint venture with your best Associate for the second firm.

Q: Is the consulting firm saleable?

Yes as businesses sell on NPBT, your firm will probably sell internally to another ConsultX firm.