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49. Winning Words – Changing The Way We Speak To Create Positive Outcomes

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The word is mightier than the sword….

Last week we discussed the movie I had just seen called “The Darkest Hour” covering the leadership of Sir Winston Churchill during the second world war. Through the use of the english language he motivated an entire nation and the world into beating the German army as they rampaged across Europe.

The author of the piece I read was Paul Millward, and he described Churchill as a poet who was a politician, a person who could take on the entire country and spur them on to do incredible deeds previously not thought possible, to beat Hitler.

I mention last week that I was going to do some work on the words we use when speaking to Prospects because I think that slight changes in our presentations will pay huge dividends in signing up new Clients.

I am not an expert in this area but I do know that we should eradicate certain words and replace them with new words, the eradicated words cause confusion and doubt in the Prospects mind, and the replacement words will instil confidence and trust.

You will have to work on removing these words from your vocabulary, it may take time but the whole conversation will change to the positive and will win you Clients.


Words to avoid in speech Possible replacements
Maybe Yes
Could Can
Might Will
Wish Will
Hope I am confident that...
Can't Can, will
Won't Will, can
Impossible Possible, achievable
Hard Easy
Lose Win, success
Failure A success, win
Unsuccessful Successful, win
Defeated Undefeated, win
No Yes
Hopeless cause Great cause
Try Will
Losing Winning


Here are some words you can add into your vocabulary that will instil passion and confidence and change the whole outcome of conversations you will have with your Prospects. Please practice using them whilst listening to yourself and eradicating those negative words.


Positive /motivational words for Consultants Usage suggestion
Victory We will achieve victory over your competitors
Best You can have the best business
Conquer Conquer your competitors
Prevail Your business will prevail for many years
Success A successful business
Lucrative Very profitable
Profit There are huge profits locked in this business
Prosper Your Family will prosper
Reward Great reward for your hard work
Riches Great riches can be earned from this business
Succeed Working together we can succeed
Confident I am confident we can turn your business around
No doubt I have no doubt we can make a success of your business
Positive I am positive that working together we will win
Definite Lets have a definite goal to become successful
Optimistic I am very optimistic
Trust in You can trust in me being by your side
Certain I am certain we can increase your profits
Assured Be assured that I can help you
Believe Lets believe in a positive outcome
Truth I will always tell you the truth
Honest Having an honest relationship is important to me
Relationship We will have a strong relationship
Partner I will be your Business Success Partner
Team Lets build a great Team
Win/Win We will have a win/win relationship
Long term We will work together for the long term
Value We will increase the value of your business
More time More free time for you
Freedom You will have a freedom lifestyle
Lifestyle Your new lifestyle will mean more Family time
Manageable Once we get going your business will become more manageble
Control You need to have better control of your business
Retirement Lets talk about your retirement planning
Business sale ready Every business should be sale ready


I think you get the general idea of what I am talking about here, just be careful what words you use and only use positive ones.  As a result I am certain that your Client Acquisition rate will increase, as through the use of positive words Prospects will see you as a passionate motivated individual who really knows their stuff.

As time permits I will create some new scripts and publish them to the network.

Regards, David

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