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34. Consulting TV Shows – Increase Your Awareness Of The Businesses Needing Help.

ConsultX Podcast Ep34

Need evidence of the demand for Business Consulting Services?

We suggest some TV shows to watch, to increase your awareness of the Business types that are needing the help of a Business Consultant...

If you want to really improve your skills and open your eyes to other types of businesses and the business owners we can assist, then I want to suggest Seven TV shows that will supercharge your experience as well as entertain you.

There are shows that you can easily get on the net that are packed full of very interesting information on all types of businesses, some of them are still on TV, the rest are on their websites or YouTube.

The Profit -
Mary Queen of shops -
The Hotel Inspector -
Hells Kitchen -
Dragons Den -
Shark Tank
Salon Takeover -

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Thanks for listening...

David & Mandy


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