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12. Steve Dodd – ConsultX Business Success Partner (Interview)

ConsultX Podcast Ep12

Show Notes: Business Success Partner Steve Dodd, shares with us his experience of changing careers and becoming a Business Consultant with ConsultX.  Steve is based in Brisbane, Australia.


ConsultX Steve Dodd and Bruce Cowan


Steve has been in our network for over 18 months and currently has around 6 Clients.  He has commenced building a consulting firm.

Steve holds the record for the fastest growth from training within our network.  He has some important and interesting tips to give those who are considering joining ConsultX and those who are already a member's.

Steve was formally with the British Army and in this interview talks about some of the parallels that he has identified with Business Consulting.

Of interest to you will be him describing how he used our Marathon Plan to get started very quickly, in fact he greatly improved on it and some of his changes we have adopted into the Marathon Plan we use today.


Some of the important things you will learn from this Podcast are:

  1. The importance of having a detailed plan for your first few months and having the discipline to stick to it.

  2. The abundance of potential business out there (Prospects) and how if focussed you will never run out of new people to talk to

  3. Talk to everybody as they all know people in business who need your help.

  4. How his time quickly changed from prospecting to Business Consulting.

  5. His advice and comments on how to make a quick start in this profession.

  6. How the ConsultX application helped him to manage multiple Clients with ease.

  7. Some stories on his successful Clients.

  8. Lifetime of his Clients.

  9. Benefit of consulting long term with Clients.

  10. Be in control of your destiny.

  11. Business Consulting is a low risk business.

  12. His advice on following the ConsultX system.

  13. Always invest in yourself.

  14. Believe in yourself.


If you are thinking about becoming a Business Consultant with ConsultX, then this is a must listen interview with Steve.


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Thanks for listening...

David & Mandy


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