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21. Rohan Wright – ConsultX Business Success Partner (Interview)

ConsultX Podcast Ep21

Show Notes: Rohan Wright from Melbourne, Australia.


Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”  –  Warren Buffett

Rohan's Bio:

When we talk to owners they want often want one of 3 things:

  • Big growth in sales and profits – but aren’t achieving it.
  • Help when things aren’t going well.
  • A business that runs smoothly without the owner doing everyone’s job for them.

That tells me that there are a lot of owners out there working hard but not getting the results they deserve, and I bring passion, a broad skill set and invaluable experience that provides the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

I have done it time and again in the businesses I’ve managed prior to taking up consultancy work.  I believe that with the right partner in business – the sky is the limit.

I’ve over 30 years of management experience and hold a Bachelor of Business.  I have been a key part of teams that delivered some big results, initially as a key manager and then in General Manager/CEO roles.  I discovered that what gets me out of bed buzzing, is achieving big changes that have a lasting impact.  A few examples are:

  • A key manager in a family business that grew tenfold in eight years, it would be a $40 million company in 2014 dollars.
  • As General Manager of a 5 entity business, I took one of those units from a $250k business value to being sold for $3 million.  Turnover had doubled and we had successfully dealt with a new big box competitor entering the market. The other primary profit centre also doubled in sales and profits.
  • Developed a marketing campaign for the furniture industry, one arm of this was a website that had over 200,000 hits in the first eight months.

The businesses I’ve managed cover retail, wholesale, trades, service, and projects.  I’ve been in diverse roles including; Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Branch Manager, Marketing Manager, General Manager, Accountant (as part of the GM role), and finally as a CEO.

I found as I moved through that journey, that the key to making any business grow profitably, was success in all of the key facets of business management, well beyond being a particular product or service champion.

A business is like a driving a Porsche in a rallying race , you need a finely tuned car, a roadmap and a close partnership with a great navigator/mechanic.  A great Business Consultant is like a navigator/mechanic – we get Business Owners to their goal smoothly, quickly, and fix any of the key components that may stall the car.

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Thanks for listening...

David & Mandy


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