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4. Phil Wicks – ConsultX Business Success Partner (Interview)

ConsultX Podcast Ep4

Show Notes: Interview wPhil Wicks Business Success Partnerith Business Success Partner & Firm Owner Phil Wicks

This weeks podcast is with one of our No1 Business Success Partners Phil Wicks.  Phil is a ConsultX Partner, from the Waikato Region in New Zealand.

Phil has been a member of our network since July 2013 and is consistently a top performer.

Phil has a Consulting Firm with four Consultants in addition to himself and business partner Rob Dorey.

Some information about Phil:

Phil has enjoyed senior management positions in a number of successful New Zealand companies and corporations. These positions include being a National Sales Manager, Brand and Marketing Manager as well as an International Manager working in global markets. More recently Phil was a General Manager based in the United States of America building a new subsidiary for one of New Zealand’
s premier companies.

Phil has spent a good deal of the last few years, developing new brands, starting up subsidiaries and developing new joint ventures with other corporations.

Over many years Phil has also provided advice and undertaken strategic and operational planning for business both small and large. Providing consultancy formed part of Phil’s position and in this capacity Phil developed strong client relationships. While Phil’s integrity and commitment to finding solutions was a key factor in developing this part of the business, his understanding of the value of communication has also been essential to his success and that of his clients. Being a sounding board to help create a vision, identify issues and finding solutions is nothing new to Phil. Engaging in face to face communication and having empathy towards the situations he has been engaged to consider, have also been key factors in developing successful business partnerships and relationships.

Phil’s passion and belief in enjoying the achievements of others, comes from an understanding that great success can be realised when business owners have the correct resources and guidance. In his own words – ‘One of the rewarding aspects of this type of work is that it provides a lot of personal satisfaction as you can make real and lasting contributions to other peoples lives’

Thexton_0535ConsultX provides the resources and systems designed to help businesses grow and prosper. This combined with Phil’s empathy and experience can be a real the game changer in regards to a business achieving its potential.

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