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6. Bruce Cowan – ConsultX Business Success Partner (Interview)

ConsultX Podcast Ep6 - Steve Potts Interview on Everything Business Consulting

Show Notes: Interview with Bruce Cowan Business Success Partner 

Bruce has been a Business Success Partner in our network for 5 years, he owns a consulting firm and lives north of Auckland in a seaside village called Helensville.

Bruce has a varied background starting his business life in Kenya as a civil engineer managing large infrastructure projects.  He was educated in the UK where he got his qualifications, he travelled the world working on other big civil engineering projects.

Bruce ended up in New Zealand in the South Island working on big hydroelectric projects producing electricity.

Twenty years ago, he moved to Auckland and bought a horticultural business growing export flowers, Bruce once told me that when he started talking to the flowers he thought it was time to sell the business.  We are glad he did as he has made a great Business Success Partner.

Bruce enjoys boating and finds that being a consultant and consulting firm owner affords him the time and flexibility to have the best of both worlds, it’s a great lifestyle.  He has wifi on his boat so has no problem working out on the water.

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