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36. The Ten Success Habits – FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful

ConsultX Podcast Ep36

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important ingredients  required to be a highly successful business consultant.

That ingredient is the ability to focus 100% on whatever you have to do to be successful in this profession.

We have trained a lot of people over the years and I can say that one of the biggest problems some of them have is an inability to focus on just one thing and be successful at it.

So many people just give up after a short pathetic attempt at becoming an expert.  You know nothing in life comes for free you have to work for it really hard, its easy to settle for a mediocre level of success but if you want the big earnings to set you up for life you need to become an expert.

I know in the Business Consulting profession you can make a choice to have a slow start or you can decide to put a lot of effort in to it and attain success a lot quicker, its a race between building your earnings up faster than your savings run out.

John Lee Dumas from the Entrepreneurs on Fire Podcast says in nearly every show— FOCUS "Follow One Course Until Success”.

This is one of the best acronyms I have ever heard, it perfectly describes the process to become successful in anything you want to become an expert at.

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