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14. The ConsultX Client Acquisition System

Client Acquisition -Everything Business Consulting Podcast

Show Notes: The ConsultX System - Part 1

We have had a lot of enquiry from all of you for some more detail on the ConsultX Business Success Programme, so we have decided to record 3 Podcasts specifically on this subject.

The first (this one - Podcast 14) is about Client Acquisition which happens to be the most asked about.

It comes as no surprise that people like you who are making the decision to leave Corporate are concerned with creating an income as soon as possible, and this Podcast explains the process we use.

Our system is so advanced that if you follow it to the letter you will be able to replace your income very quickly and quite often have no income loss at all.

Of course, as the Podcast will highlight your hard work is required, but, hey, anything new is going to require hard work for a while until you have learned your new profession.

You will also understand the connection between Activity and Results as they are directly linked.

The more activity you undertake the faster you will get results because Client Acquisition is a combination of the numbers game (seeing people) and practice where the more people you see the better you will get at the process of recruiting Clients (experience).

The next two Podcasts (15 & 16) will take you through Business Planning and Performance Management.

If you have a question do not hesitate to email us at.

Thanks for listening...

David & Mandy


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