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15. Building Your Clients Business Plan

Everything Business Consulting - Episode 15

Show Notes: The ConsultX System - Part 2

This Podcast is the second in a series of 3. The first one was last week, Podcast number 14 and was all about Client Acquisition. This Podcast is about Business Planning uses the ConsultX application.

Very rarely you will find a business with a business plan, and if you do it will probably be way out of date and useless.  Business Plans are not magic and just because they have an old one it will not work in any way shape or form.  The Business Planning process needs to be carefully managed and implemented.

Our process is firstly to establish accurately exactly what the Business Owner wants to get out of their business over the long term, usually 5 years. Then enlist the help of their Employees in their business to join the Management Team and help to build the Business Plan over a number of weeks.

Once created and signed off the Business Plan now forms the map that we will use to manage the business with the team to reach the Owners personal and business vision.

Once we have the plan we work with the Team to Implement the tasks required to make the plan come alive. This is a very important part of this process as before you came along the business just drifted along controlled by external forces of which the Business Owner has no control of.

We also facilitate a Monthly Management meeting to discuss the financials and KPI from the previous month.

Businesses who do not have a current Business Plan usually end up failing and blaming everybody except themselves causing havoc with everybody around them including their Families.

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