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5. Business Consulting Client Case Histories – Part 1

Show Notes: David’s Business Consulting Client Case Histories - Part 1

This week’s podcast is about some of David’s clients.  Clients that he had when he was consulting full time in Australia.

At the start, David was a traditional Business Consultant doing project or Assignment work.  He soon found that all his good work in re-engineering his client’s businesses was wasted as when he finished the project none of the tasks required to make it come alive were carried out by the Management of the business. So, therefore the Business Success Programme was created being a long-term business relationship where David worked with Clients for years to manage the process of implementing the tasks required to make the changes required to improve the business.

These case histories are about some of the long-term Clients....

Shade Sail Business:

This is about a family owned business that had many internal problems that required sorting out, including internal family squabbles and profitability issues caused by extremely poor financial records and a lack of understanding of how to cost the selling price of their products and services.

Concrete Paving Slabs:

This business was owned by two older people who had their Son working with them in the business. The problem was they could not make a profit due to lack of sales and productivity issues. All the usual problems were in this business and it took a few months to sort it out. They were in rescue for 3 months before we started the re-engineering process.

Printing Business:

Another family owned business that was a general printer who provided all the normal small commercial requirements for other businesses. The main problem was that of no profitability, they returned to their bank each year to get a top up on their mortgage, and then drew out the mortgage extension over the upcoming year. In effect, they had consumed all their equity and equity growth over the 20 years they were in business.

Water/Soft Drink Business:

This business had been around for 50 years and provided bottled water and soft drinks within a 250km radius of their factory. A sad story of how an employee destroyed the business by providing falsified financial statements to the Owner, who made decisions on these reports, these decisions drove the business bankrupt.

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