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51. Signing Clients – Our ConsultX Client Acquisition Formula

Everything Business Consulting Podcast

About this episode...

This week’s podcast is all about our Client Acquisition Formula that we have developed and used over the years.

We have decided to do a podcast on it, as the Acquisition Formula is an easy way to explain to you what you have to do to be successful in the consulting profession, because we all need Clients.

The name of the game is to grow your consulting business as fast as you can so that you do not suffer a loss of income whilst you transition from employment to self-employment.

I have been a Business Success Partner since 2005 and even before that for many years I helped out Friends who owned businesses, and over those years right up until today I am still finding small ways to improve Client Acquisition.

Client acquisition is one of the most important parts of being a Business Success Partner because we all need Clients so we can earn fees each month, what we are about to discuss is at the very foundation of effectively signing Business Owners to become your Clients.

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