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50. Everything Business Consulting – Celebrating 50 Episodes

Everything Business Consulting Podcast

About this episode...

ConsultX is an online program designed to train you to become a Business Consultant or as we call you in our network a Business Success Partner where you own and operate your own consulting business using our tools and application.

Get out of the gridlock and the drudgery of employment and be your own boss working with your own Clients whilst having a great income and lifestyle.

Today is our 50th Podcast so we have decided to do something special to mark the occasion.  If you are not yet a ConsultX member then as a special incentive, we have a 50th Episode offer...

I am offering all new subscribers a 1 hour personal coaching session.  I will assist you to set off in the right direction, and plan a course to achieve your individual personal and business goals.    

This week I want to talk about some of the benefits you can enjoy by becoming a Business Success Partner in the ConsultX network.


Let’s start with income, for those of you who earn money from wages or a salary you can expect to double or triple your earnings if you follow the ConsultX system that we will teach you.  Our ConsultX system has been built over 13 years with hundreds of people helping us out, people who are in the field every day working with business Owners.

When you work for someone else they decide how much they are willing to pay you, so you have no control no matter how hard you work, they control everything you do and statistically when they go broke they will take you down with them.

You need to also consider that AI “artificial intelligence” and Automation are progressively taking over jobs. Think about this if you owned a business under competitive pressure and had the opportunity to save money and become more competitive by replacing people with computers and machines, you would, wouldn’t you? In some cases if you didn’t you would go broke. I am hearing that in the next decade up to 30% of jobs at all levels are going to disappear, yours could be one of them. I read recently that 7.1 million jobs will be gone in the next 18 months alone!!!.

I once owned a large beverage company in New Zealand, we had 16 brands and were market leader in all the non-alcoholic categories. We had 400 employees and had annual revenue of $100m.

In the industry in New Zealand we had some powerful competitors and margins seemed to be dropping about 1-2% every year, if it was to continue at that rate we would be broke in the next 5 years.

We had implemented every strategy we could to lift margins but had reached the end of the road. The only certain way to improve margins seemed to be in lowering the cost of goods meaning raw materials and employee wages.  We knew that we were staring down the barrel of automation.

We did a lot of work preparing an automation plan including robotics in the factory, and making our own plastic bottles. To cut a long story short the savings were huge and we had no option to but to put the plan into action.

Unfortunately, 100 jobs would have been eradicated and our bottle supplier would have lost half of our business, but the profit upside for us would have been huge.

In the end, we did not actually complete the plan as Coca Cola made an offer to buy our business and we sold it to them.

The moral of the story is that everybody in employment is vulnerable, don’t be the one who falls foul of the automation trend.

Business consulting has the potential to make you very rich and very safe and secure with long term benefits for your Family.

There are tens of millions of businesses out there waiting for you to contact them because they need your help.


As a business consultant, you control your own time, you plan your week and make it work for you, no more 9-5 or 8-7 days, or longer, you decide what hours you want to work and who you want to work with. Some people in our network only work 3 days per week and have 3/4 day weekends at their holiday house every week, they also have long overseas holidays with their Family on a regular basis.

You can do this for your Family by joining the consulting profession and the ConsultX network, remember it's not the hours you work that makes the difference it’s what you do for your Clients and what results you get for them that counts.

Of course, you have to leave employment and that may be scary so it’s important to work with a partner like ConsultX who has helped people all over the world to make this transition successfully and quickly. Experts say people change the industry they work in 7 times over their life time, well make this change and you will never need to consider changing again.

My daughter works in Auckland City and drives 3 hours every day, and some days when there is an accident on the motorway/freeway that could blow out to 4 hours, if you are commuting to your work for 2 hours a day that’s 500 hours per year!!! 12.5 days per year!!! or 500 days!!! over 40 years outside normal work time!!! As a Business Consultant all this time would come back to you, time you can spend with your Family. As a Business Consultant, you work in your local area with your Clients, probably in a radius of a few miles.

One of our ConsultX members has a lake house about 2 hours from Auckland. He has around 8 Clients some of which have been with him since 2010. He only works 3-4 days a week and spends long weekends at his lake house where he has a nice boat and he goes Trout fishing on a regular basis. This guy takes his Clients to his lake house to prepare annual plans to back up the business plan he produced when he first signed them up. They have a great time and he takes them out on his boat to go fishing. His Client relationships are great and once he gets a Client it is quite unusual if they ever leave him. It’s nice to see how he integrates his business with lifestyle that he and the Client can enjoy together.

Building wealth

Your income is based on the success of your Clients, you will see that there is a significant opportunity to build some serious Family wealth.

Our recommended fee system is based on a percentage of the Clients monthly revenue, so as the revenue increases so does your earnings alongside. You will find that you will have surplus income to invest in shares or property, something you may not be able to do today being in the workforce.

For more information just go to, request more information watch the two videos (small and a big one) and when ready go to the pricing page at the top to sign up, there is no big franchise fee or ongoing royalties, only the small monthly subscription.

We also have a weekly Q&A global webinar for you to ask questions and learn more about the opportunity, just go to the website and sign up to become involved.

Remember - If you become a ConsultX Member and use the code EBC50 in the coupon box, I will give you a personal 1 hour coaching session, absolutely free.

This will really help to give you a huge boost as you start off in your new career.  We will send you a questionnaire prior to the coaching session, so I have a good idea of your background, experience and future goals - this allows us to really maximise the time together and help you get the best start possible.

Thanks for listening and if you have time please review our Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

Kind regards


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