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Improve your Income & Lifestyle

Become a Business Consultant with ConsultX

Are you interested in becoming a Business Consultant, Coach or Advisor?

Do you like the idea of helping other Business Owners?

ConsultX has all the resources, training and support you need to become a high-earning Business Consultant - all in one Online Software Application.

With ConsultX there are no large upfront Franchise or Training Fees.   No lock-in contracts.

Use your own business experience to assist others as a Business Consultant.

All the training and support you need, including online webinars, training and access to other Business Consultants in our worldwide network.

Structure your weeks to suit you.  No more wasted hours in traffic every morning and night.

You control and have the ability to increase your income.


ConsultX is designed for people like YOU

Use your business experience to help others

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  • Business Consultants, Coaches & Advisors - New and Existing.

  • New Business Consultants - People looking to enter the consulting profession.

  • Existing Business Consultants, Coaches & Advisors whom are needing additional training & resources - including client acquisition & client management systems

  • Business Consultants, Coaches & Advisors wanting to be part of a larger network of likeminded people while still having the freedom of your own Business

  • Sole Consultants and Consulting Firms

  • Accountants looking for a change or to grow their income streams and/or build their practice

  • Ex Corporates & Managers looking for a self employment opportunity

  • Ex Business Owners wanting to share their experience & knowledge

  • Anyone with business experience and a passion for helping others

All the training, tools and resources you need to acquire and manage your clients and become a successful, high earning Business Consultant, Coach or Advisor.

Steve Potts - Auckland, NZ

“My life feels complete.  I am the master of my own destiny.  I am adding tangible value to my clients and work is FUN again.”

Bruce Cowan - Northland, NZ

“I have total confidence in my ability and the system’s ability and the resources that I can call on to be able to manage a business. “

Phil Wicks - Waikato, NZ

"Every day is a high point, I love doing what I do.  I get a lot of reward from knowing I am actually making a difference."

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